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Our Services

One of the foci of our work is in projects concerning the modernisation and refurbishment of cruise liners and private yachts. In the confines of these projects, whilst the vessel is in dry dock, or elsewhere, we perform all the appropriate services and jobs that have to do with the air-conditioning and ventilation technology on board. This applies to accommodation areas as well as machinery rooms. We execute these turnkey contracts reliably and punctually so that on day one after the completion of our work passengers again feel comfortable on board.

  • Retrofit & revitalization projects
  • In-service revitalization and conversion projects
  • Inspection, consulting, service & repair
  • Replacement of cooling & heating coils
  • Replacement or upgrade of enthalpy wheels
  • Service & maintenance
  • R22 replacement
  • Upgrades & conversions of existing installations
Upgrade and/or conversion of:

  • Hot & chilled water systems
  • Steam piping
  • CO2 piping
  • Hi-Fog network
  • HVAC know-how & proved and tested applications
  • Process indication diagrams
  • Upgrade of existing ship’s automation
  • Energy saving applications
  • Integration of decentral stand-alone controllers
  • Demand-controlled air conditioning
  • Smart HVAC control strategies
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Return of investment analysis